IR35 support for limited company contractors

Am I responsible for determining my own IR35 status?

Since the IR35 reforms came into effect in 2021, most contractors will no longer be responsible for their own IR35 status. However, if your end client is a small business or wholly overseas, you as a contractor will still be responsible for your own IR35 status determination.

How can I work out my IR35 status?

If determining your IR35 status does indeed fall to you as the contractor, you may want a bit of help to make sure you make the right decision.

That's where our partners, Kingsbridge, can help. They are experts in the field, and have built a contractor-facing tool for exactly that. It asks you some carefully thought-out yes/no questions about your contract and working practices to issue you with an instant, accurate IR35 status determination. It even includes a detailed report - so that you can see the strengths and weaknesses of your case, as HMRC might view them.

And if your determination is borderline, it will be passed to one of their in-house IR35 specialists so that they can perform a manual review (and offer guidance) to give you complete confidence.

Kingsbridge offer this assessment FREE for Do My Accounts clients. It takes less than 10 minutes, and you only need to, simply Click Here to start .

Should I get my contract reviewed for IR35 compliance?

An IR35 contract review can offer a valuable insight to the status of a prospective engagement. Your review should always be conducted by an IR35 specialist - who can work with you to ensure your contract is compliant and to fully understand where you stand in terms of IR35.

Kingsbridge's contract review service has a turnaround time of up to five working days ( from the day of submitting all required documentation), and costs just £50+VAT. For an additional cost, they can also offer a next-working-day turnaround for you.

Benefits of a Contract Review

  • Peace of mind: if you are responsible for determining your own IR35 status, it can give you confidence that you have done so correctly - this also goes some way to showing HMRC that you have taken reasonable care in determining your status.
  • Status Determination Dispute Process: if your client is responsible for your status determination, and you disagree with them, your contract review can provide evidence for a dispute.
  • Expert support: Having experts to support you with a professional opinion on your IR35 status can help you to pay your taxes correctly.

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